Shipping Info

59 Gap Loop
Louisburg, NC 27549


Shipping Options

At, we’re happy to offer customers two options for shipping firearms:

Standard Shipping

Standard shipping requires you to take your pre-packaged firearm to a shipping location (UPS, FedEx, etc). You will pay upfront shipping costs (at a variable rate, depending on shipping location), and once the dipping process is complete, we will ship the firearm back to you.


Return Shipping (Call Tag)

This type of shipping is facilitated through UPS, and allows for both pick up and delivery of your firearm. Simply call us at 919-497-7345, or email us at and we’ll set up a pick-up time with UPS (they’ll pick it up at your home, office, etc).  Once dipping is completed, will deliver the firearm back to you. This service costs each way (pick up and delivery), but it will save any hassle you may experience at a UPS store.


Packaging Info

Packaging your firearm, bow, or any other item to be sent to is simple.

The best way is to ship in the original box that the gun came in from the manufacturer. If you’ve misplaced that casing, simply find a box to place the case in, and we will ship your gun back in the same packaging.

Just pack your gun or bow in a well padded box and ship UPS or FedEx insured to: We prefer UPS because you will receive a tracking number.

UPS charges an additional $4.00 to ship hard cases not enclosed in cardboard. If you ship in a hard case not enclosed in cardboard add an additional $4.00 to your shipping charge.

We receive quite a bit of phone calls stating that UPS will not ship your firearm, because it is a firearm. You do not have to take it to a FFL holder, as this is considered by ATF as gun repair. We have a FFL for this purpose, and this purpose only.  The individual is not required to have a federal firearms license to ship his firearms to All firearms received are logged in, and when the firearms are shipped back to the customer they are logged out.

Important Shipping Notes:

  • Please clean and remove all grease from guns and parts before shipping them to us.  We charge $25 to clean and remove grease from guns or parts to prepare them for the dipping process.
  • Please do not remove recoil pads, or butt plates from your firearm before shipping.
If you have any questions, please email or call us at 919-497-7345.