A Few Suggested Patterns

Outfitter Tuff® Camo          Outfitter Tuff          

Mossy Oak® Brush™              Mossy Oak Brush

Trebark® 005                        Trebark 005  

Mossy Oak® NWTF Obsession™        Mossy Oak Obsession

New Mossy Oak® Break-Up™  Mossy Oak Break Up New 

Mossy Oak® New Bottomland™     Mossy Oak Bottom Land

Mossy Oak® Duck Blind™        Mossy Oak Duck Blind 

Mossy Oak® Winter Break-Up                 Mossy Oak Winter

Mossy Oak® Tree Stand™        Mossy Oak Tree Stand 

Carbon Fiber                            CarbonFiber

Muddy Girl                                  

Skulls                                       Skulls

True Timber Conceal Green 


True Timber Conceal Pink  


Swampkon - Bruce The Alligator Man   


Lady Swampkon                                  


Snow Viper                                

(Background on Snow Viper can be any color choice, such as your team color) 



Purple Carbon Weave