Some of our popular patterns include:

For Firearms:

Outfitter Tuff® Camo          Outfitter Tuff          

Mossy Oak® Brush™              Mossy Oak Brush

Trebark® 005                        Trebark 005  

Mossy Oak® Obsession™        Mossy Oak Obsession

New Mossy Oak® Break Up™  Mossy Oak Break Up New 

Mossy Oak® Bottom Land™     Mossy Oak Bottom Land

Mossy Oak® Duck Blind™        Mossy Oak Duck Blind 

Mossy Oak® Winter.                 Mossy Oak Winter

Mossy Oak® Tree Stand™        Mossy Oak Tree Stand 

Carbon Fiber                            CarbonFiber

Muddy Girl                                  

Skulls                                       Skulls

True Timber Conceal Green 


True Timber Conceal Pink  



For Sporting Equipment

Snow Viper                                

(Background on Snow Viper can be any color choice, such as your team color) 


Purple Carbon Weave                

Art Skulls                                 



For Automotive



Brown Birdseye                       

Diamond Plate                      

For Home Decor

Italian Leather Brunette          

Black and Tan Snake               



For Specialty Items


Naughty Fire                            

Candied Copper                        

Purple Pink Pasley                   

Purple Cheetah                         

Stain Glass                                 


We can get most patterns from TWN Industries,  Please see the link below for pattern choices from TWN Industries:

For TrueTimber and Other Film Pattern Choices, please see the link below for DipDemon: