Dipping Process

This information is designed to help you better understand exactly what a gun or bow must go through to be decorated. We have been using Jim Crumley's Second Skin Camo™ Dipping Process for over 30 years, making us the most experienced gun and bow hydrographic dipping business in the industry.            


Nicks, mars and the effects of time can make any gun look out of place. Especially alongside new camouflaged models. Well, now there's a way to bring new life to your used gun, or a new look to your new gun. Its called Jim Crumley's Second Skin Camo™.  Unlike bluing, our process camouflages all the non mechanical components. The pattern is uniform, consistent, permanent and virtually rustproof. In fact, this is similar to the process used by the firearms manufacturers.  You'll love how Jim Crumley's Second Skin Camo™ combats the effects of aging. And the outstanding concealment it provides.

No matter the goal, whether to conceal or to decorate, we have you covered.  Second Skin Camo™ comes in over 500 patterns to fit any style. Help your gun through this difficult period in its life with Jim Crumley's Second Skin Camo™, it'll emerge looking better than ever. The Second Skin Camouflage process can be applied to wood, synthetic, blued or stainless steel products.

The goal of Second Skin Camo™ Dipping Process is to provide gun and bow owners with a quality camouflage finish for their equipment. Every gun or bow sent to us is treated as if it were our own.

To ensure that every gun or bow is returned to the customer properly, it is carefully inspected and documented from the time it enters our door to the time it is ready to be shipped back to the customer. Every box or case is checked for damage when it is received. If damage occurs in shipping the customer will be notified immediately. All guns received are logged into a Federal Firearms Log book.

Gun preparation is the most important part of Second Skin Camo™ process and several steps are taken before the gun or bow is dipped. Any area not to be camouflaged is taped off. Any wooden or gloss finish part is scuffed to promote adhesion. After taping each part is placed on a jig and a number is given to that gun or bow for each part. Numbering ensures us that each part is returned to the proper gun or bow. Once the part is jigged and numbered it will be wiped down once again to remove any oil, rust or residue. At this point the gun or bow is ready to be painted. All the metal parts are etched and the synthetic parts are primed. Once they are etched and primed a base coat is applied to all parts. The paint products used are all automotive grade. The finish can be applied to wood, synthetic, stainless steel, blued or matte finish products.

The dipping process can be described as applying a decorative pattern to any part of a gun or bow with the use of water and film in a stainless steel tank. This film is cut to size for each part dipped and placed on top of the water in the dip tank. Each part dipped is geometrically different and requires a different angle and speed to ensure proper coverage. The activator dissolves the film leaving the ink floating on the surface. The part is then immersed through the ink and the water forces it onto the part. After the part is dipped the tape is removed and it is placed in a rinse tank. After rinsing it is inspected and placed on a hanger to dry over night.

After the gun or bow has been dipped we have reached the half way point. The day after it has been dipped any area of the part that was not dipped is taped off. Next we cover the part with a clear finish. The clear coat is also an automotive grade solvent. The clear coat is what gives the part its durability and protection from the elements. After the part is dry to touch the tape is taken off and the part is unjigged and placed on a shelf with the rest of its numbered parts until shipment.

The gun or bow will go through another inspection before it is returned to the customer to make sure all the parts that were shipped with the gun or bow are still with it. Every part will be reoiled in the appropriate places. We will also re-assemble to make sure everything was decorated that should be.

We will return your camouflaged item in the same box or case it was shipped in. Any boxes that are not suitable for reshipment will be discarded and a new box will be used. When boxes are used for shipping each part will be wrapped tightly and packed tightly to prevent shifting. United Parcel Service is our primary source for shipment. Each return shipment is insured for its replacement value and a delivery confirmation is required.

All camouflaged items are warranted for one year for quality and workmanship.

Care of a gun or bow after decoration is very easy. You will no longer have to oil the outside of the gun again, just wipe it down with a wet rag. You will still have to clean and oil the inside of your gun. Anything that will strip or discolor paint will have an effect on the finish. The most common chemical that will discolor the finish is Deet, which is used in insect repellant. Avoid any harsh chemical bore solvents from coming in contact with any finished area.

(Subject to change due to quantity)
Turn around time changes frequently due to the volume of product to be camouflaged. Our turn around time is the time that it enters our door till the time it leaves our door. We project most turn around time to be four to six weeks.