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There are now THREE ways to order from CamoForGuns.com:

1)  Print the Order Form, Fill It Out and Mail It To Us With Your Gun.

2) Call Us And We'll Schedule A Pickup of Your Gun At Your House.
Give us a call at 1-800-843-2266 and we'll arrange to have your gun picked up and shipped to us. 

Click on a product or listing on our website and continue through the checkout process. For now, you will have to call us after you order to let us know what pattern you would like your gun dipped in.
Ordering online allows you to hold your place in our line of incoming orders as of the date you order and pay online.  We are going to add interactive forms so you can tell us everything about your gun or bow and what pattern you would like it dipped in, but for now please give us a call after you place your order and we will send you a confirmation email with all the details for your review and approval. 

The Most Experienced Firearm Dipping Company

At CamoForGuns.com, we have over 30 years of experience using Jim Crumley’s Second Skin Camo™ camo dipping process to decorate firearms.

Gun Dipping At Its Finest!

Nicks, mars and the effects of time can make any gun look out of place. Especially alongside new camouflaged models. Well, now there's a way to bring new life to your used gun, or a new look to your new gun. Its called Jim Crumley's Second Skin Camo™.  Unlike bluing, our process camouflages all the non mechanical components. The pattern is uniform, consistent, permanent and virtually rustproof. In fact, this is similar to the process used by the firearms manufacturers.  You'll love how Jim Crumley's Second Skin Camo™ combats the effects of aging. And the outstanding concealment it provides.

No matter the goal, whether to conceal or to decorate, we have you covered.  Second Skin Camo™ comes in over 500 patterns to fit any style. Help your gun through this difficult period in its life with Jim Cruley's Second Skin Camo™, it'll emerge looking better than ever. The Second Skin Camouflage process can be applied to wood, synthetic, blued or stainless steel products.